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Noreum Machi

Bangalore Live sound system

Noreum Machi

Korea’s award-winning new wave music group Noreum Machi performed here in Bangalore at The Good Shepherd’s Auditorium as part of “The Hindu Friday Review November Fest 2014”.

The group had a unique mix of spectacular percussion, haunting shamanistic chants, and enchanting movement. Founded in 1993, Noreum Machi takes its name from a term used by Korean minstrels to indicate a combination of skill and timing. Critics and audiences have called Noreum Machi a fascinating and future-oriented ensemble because of the way the artists connect with the audience, their obvious pleasure in performing and the emotions they share as they move between tradition modernity. Noreum Machi artistically transforms traditional Korean music into something that is resoundingly contemporary.

Acoustic Control’s rental team provided the required professional Sound and Lighting equipment along with engineers and technicians to ensure a smooth enjoyable performance

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