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Bangalore based Acoustic Control provides Acoustic Consulting,Audio,Video,Lighting System Design, System Integration,Live Sound For concerts & Audio Visual Rental and Sales.
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Jawharlal Nehru Stadium, Delhi , Common Wealth Games 2010

Audio Consultants

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Cutting Edge Simulation Tools

Provide Accurate Results

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Acoustic & Audio Consultancy, Bengaluru International Airport - Terminal Enhancement - T1A

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Top of the Line Test and Measurement Equipment

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Audio Design

One of Acoustic Control’s core strengths is its audio design and engineering capabilities. Acoustic Control has over 25 years of developing audio systems for many different types of applications including some of the most demanding live performance venues.

Acoustic Control’s team of industry veterans know the importance of design, as well as the endless combinations available to create an effective sound system. Acoustic Control ensures a successful project every time through the intelligible, accurate and uniform distribution of music and speech.

In addition to design, Acoustic Control offers a large selection of audio system components and technologies including:

  • Foreground and/or High SPL Audio
  • Live Entertainment Audio
  • Multi-room / Multi-zone Audio Distribution and Processing
  • Electronic Hearing Augmentation
  • Wireless Multichannel Audio Systems
  • Automated Sound Level Control
  • Conferencing Systems
  • Acoustic Fill and Placement
  • Audio Teleconferencing
  • Background and Foreground Music
  • Sound Masking
  • Paging
  • Public Address & General Alarm
  • Background Music
  • Acoustic modeling and simulation.
Acoustic Consultancy

Acoustic Consulting

Acoustic Control’s Acoustic Consultants undertake building acoustic designs for a wide range of projects. It can be as part of an upcoming project or the refurbishment of the acoustics of an existing project. Acoustic Controls Acoustic Engineer will help clients achieve their aspirations in acoustics by guiding the project from conception and planning through design, construction, testing and commissioning. Acoustic Control’s Acoustic Engineers are equipped with the latest in Acoustic Simulation tools and cutting edge Audio and Acoustic Measurement tools. Acoustic Controls team will help reduce the impact of noise from airports, highways and stadiums, while making sure sound systems are heard with clarity in even the busiest transport hubs.

Acoustic Control’s Acoustic Consultants will consult as acoustic and noise consultants, in the following different sectors:








Mixed and Retail


Sport and Leisure

Acoustic Control - Entertainment Lighting Design

Lighting Design

Acoustic Control’s lighting designers have years of experience designing systems ranging from small lounges to large high quality auditoriums and everything in between. Acoustic Control’s entertainment lighting resume includes Auditoriums, Museums, attractions, nightclubs, exhibits and shows.

In addition to design, Acoustic Control offers a large selection of lighting system components and technologies including:

  • Fixtures – Conventional, Moving Lights, Video, LED’s, Effects
  • Power Distribution – Distribution boxes, Connector Strips
  • Network DMX Nodes
  • Dimming Systems – Controls, Processors, Modules, Racks
  • Lighting Consoles
  • Control Accessories
  • Remote Monitoring & Control Software
AV System Design - Acoustic Control

Video Design

Acoustic Control understands that every project has unique and site-specific requirements. This is especially true in regard to video and multimedia systems. Acoustic Control offers an extensive selection of options and technologies to suit each client’s needs. Acoustic Control can design, engineer and integrate the perfect combination of system components and technologies to create a customized solution for each individual project.

 Some of the many technologies and applications include:

 Large Screen Display / Projection Systems

  • Multi-screen Video Distribution
  • Data Display and Projection
  • Videowalls, Video Cubes
  • Large Format LED Displays
  • Flat Panel Displays – Plasma, LCD, OLED
  • Specialty Theaters
  • 3D Projection
  • Projection Mapping
  • Multimedia Presentation Systems
  • Video Conferencing
  • Telepresence
  • Web Conferencing
  • Digital and Analog Distribution
  • High Definition Video Distribution
  • Media Servers and Management Systems
Control System Design - Acoustic Control

Control System Design

Acoustic Control has extensive experience designing, installing and programming most types of control systems in use today including Crestron, AMX, BSS, Extron, Irisnet and Qscontrol among others. Acoustic Control’s engineers and programmers can utilize an off the shelf solution or develop a custom software solution depending on the application and requirements of the project. Acoustic Control archives original source code and touch panel design files so that they are always available to the client.

 Acoustic Control can integrate audio, video, lighting and other components into a single control platform for ease of operation. Control system technologies include:

 Commercial Control Integration & Automation

  • Home Cinema Automation
  • Control System Software Architecture
  • Multiple Technology Integration
  • Turn Key Operating Solutions
  • Individual Room / Entire Facility Control
  • Table Top / Wireless Touch Panel Control Systems
  • Custom User Interfaces
  • IP or Web Based Controls