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Acoustic Control | NEW Bose DeltaQ array loudspeakers added to rental inventory | Acoustic Control
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NEW Bose DeltaQ array loudspeakers added to rental inventory


NEW Bose DeltaQ array loudspeakers added to rental inventory

Acoustic Control’s rental wing acquired th new BOSE DeltaQ array loudspeaker system .

The new ShowMatch DeltaQ line array system

The product takes its name from the fact that directivity (Q) can be varied across each module in an array, to provide even coverage across the audience, and “great sound in every seat”.

“the single component most responsible for vocal clarity” is Bose’s EMB2S HF compression driver, four of which are present in each of the three cabinet models (together with two Bose 8in SM5 woofers). The HF driver allows the array modules to have a crossover point outside the main vocal range; it also produces 4dB more output than its predecessor. (Peak SPL for the cabinets is 145dB.)

Poor Acoustics no Match for Showmatch!

The range’s variable directivity – which, says Bose, ensures that the sound can be targeted directly to the audience, avoiding reflections – has both vertical and horizontal aspects. The three cabinet models, the SM5, SM10 and SM20, feature vertical coverage angles of 5°, 10° and 20° respectively. On the SM5 only, the coverage overlap between adjacent cabinets can be varied from 0° to 5° in increments of 1°. This means that the ShowMatch can be used to form standard J-shaped arrays; DeltaQ arrays, where directivity varies among the modules; and constant-curvature arrays, replicating a point source.


The system is augmented with the addition of the ShowMatch SMS118 subwoofer. This can be flown as part of the array or groundstacked: ‘reversed box’ configurations for cardioid coverage patterns are facilitated by the range’s bracketry and by the provision of a connector on the front grille.


Bose’s Modeler software, is used to design and optimise the ShowMatch system configurations to specific room dimensions. This can model a virtual array at any point in space, and either automatically select the modules or allow the user to add these manually – with or without subs. The software also quantifies the efficiency of the system as the Q of different modules is varied, and the smoothness of the transition between adjacent modules.

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