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Bangalore based Acoustic Control provides Acoustic Consulting,Audio,Video,Lighting System Design, System Integration,Live Sound For concerts & Audio Visual Rental and Sales.
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JBL Line array

First JBL VTX System Installed in India

Bethel AG International Worship Centre steps up to the JBL VTX 25. When Bethel AG Church decided to upgrade their sound system which had been installed by Acoustic Control over 5 years ago, they once again turned to us! As they were happy with the Harman Solution...

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BOSE System Integration

BOSE for “The Terrace”

Windmills Craftworks Bangalore's first Jazz Theatre and Microbrewery added a new dining space “The Terrace”. Acoustic Control’s Audio Consultants were roped in to design and implement a sound system that would do justice to the ambiance and high standards that the Windmill Craftworks have set in...

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  • Christ_University_Bangalore_Sound_Lights_Video_Permanent_Installation
  • Christ_University_Intelligent_Lighting_Professional_Sound_Video_Systems
  • Christ_University_Theatrical_Lighting_Sound_Video_System_Integration
  • Concert_Sound_Lighting_Video_System_Integration_Christ_University_Bangalore
  • Intelligent_Lighting_Installation_Christ_University_Bangalore
  • Intelligent_Lights_Sound_Video_System_Integration_Christ_University
  • Line_Array_Speakers_Intelligent_Lights_Video_Projectors_Christ_University
  • Show_Lighting_Professional_Audio_System_Video_Projection_Christ_University
  • Sound_Lights_Video_Installation_Christ_University
  • Sound_Lights_Video_Projectors_System_Integration_Christ_University_Bangalore
  • Stage_Lighting_Installation_Christ_University_Bangalore
  • Theater_Lighting_Installation_Christ_University_Bangalore
  • Audio_Visual_System_Integration_Christ_University_Bangalore
  • Christ University_Bangalore_Martin_Professional_Lighting_Mac_Vipers_Rush_Installation
  • Christ_University_Bangalore_JBL_Vertec_Martin_Lighting_Barco_Projectors
  • Christ_University_Bangalore_Professional_Stage_Lights_Sound_Video

Christ University updates Lighting at Bangalore Auditorium with Martin Intelligent Lights through Acoustic Control’s System Integration Division.

The Best Just Got Better! Acoustic Control upgraded the intelligent lighting at Christ University’s main auditorium. We installed Martin’s acclaimed MAC Vipers along with Martins RUSH MH3 Beams to bolster an already extensive lighting inventory at the auditorium. The Auditorium boasts the best of the best...

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Toit Brewpub Installs QSC

Toit turns to QSC

Toit Bangalore’s premier Brew Pub celebrated its third anniversary and coinciding with this occasion Toit opened a new expansion to the Pub on the first floor. Acoustic Control was commissioned to equip this area with quality sound. We installed QSC K series in this new...

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